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Stuart Kiddle CEO of CashSmart

About Us

Cashsmart is the supplier of a variety of money counting equipment options, which include note, coin or a combination of the two. The company was established in 2010 with staff experience of 20 years in the industry to support the establishment and growth of the business.

The ethos of the business is built on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge with a strong commitment to service delivery and quality equipment to meet the needs of any and every financial requirement of any cash based environment.

Our client base ranges from government organisations, retailers, banks to small to medium sized operations. This is a one stop purchase and service experience for customers that includes advice on the most appropriate equipment to meet their needs, purchase of the equipment, training of staff if required, 24 hour helpline, servicing of equipment and repairs. We supply equipment across South Africa and Africa and custom calibrate the machines for different currencies.

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