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CS-2910 Mixed Note Counter

R 25,500.00

The CashSmart™ CS-2910 is our top-of-the-range note counter. The CS-2910 mixed note counter will count 6 different currencies all in mixed note mode. An optional printer can be attached to the CS-2910 which will improve cash up time and reduce human error.

When a suspicious or fraudulent note is detected, the CS-2910 places it into the spare pocket. It also utilises pattern recognition – the most effective way to pick up counterfeits. In count mode the CS-2910 will detect one stray note in a bundle of one denomination notes. It can also separate mixed notes. Quite simply it is the best and most reliable note counter in South Africa. We are currently supplying this model to banks, top retail stores and government departments.

With the hi-res external display (optional extra) many banks are finding the clear and transparent notes counting of great value and there are less queries.

The CS-2910 has a flap that automatically engages when you start counting and this will reduce the possibility of any notes falling out of the machine whilst counting.

The multiple image technology using multiple sensors will ensure that every counterfeit is picked up and put into the 2nd pocket which will allow the machine to keep counting without stopping. It also include a CIS sensor (contact image sensor). These sensors prevent any counterfeits passing through machine.