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CS-Complete Cash up System

R 58,000.00

The system consists of:

  • Coin counter that will process mixed coins to mixed coins. ( Most banks prefer you to bank mixed coins. Its easier and faster for them to process)
  • European and USA Bank authorized mixed note counter with all the counterfeit detection’s including pattern recognition.
  • Comprehensive software that will connect to both machines. The CS software will be able to produce a printout and email that will include:
  1. Name and number of Cashier
  2. Z reading
  3. Balance the till (shorts and overs)
  4. Float will be counted and separated.
  5. Non cash items (Cheques, Account payments, Credit cards and pickups) This can be customized for the customer.
  6. All this info can be stored in the cloud and daily reports will be emailed to : (manager, owner , operational manager)
  7. All the tills can be put together and a full report of the complete stores cash up is generated and emailed.
  8. A normal till will take about 1 minute to cash up and we can now take the human error completely out of the counting process.
  9. This system is for those customers who requires a fool proof system in place with the most comprehensive audit trail.